Meet your care team

Receive encouragement and support from licensed clinicians and health coaches, all dedicated to helping you feel better. Depending on your eligibility, your care team may come in many forms, from social workers and nutritionists, to nurses and specialists. Wellframe makes it easy to stay in touch with all of them in one place. 


nurse Care manager

A care manager is someone (most often a nurse) who is there to support your health and make sure you get the care you need, when you need it. They can answer medical
questions about your health
conditions or help you manage
your medications. They usually work for your sponsoring organization.



Wellframe Health Advocates help you stay on track with your health by providing support and encouragement whenever you need it. While they're not doctors or nurses, they can help you identify, set, and reach your health goals, and stay on track with your health program.



Care teams can come in many different forms. Yours might have customer service reps, nutritionists, dietitians, social workers, or other specialists. Wellframe makes it easy to stay in touch with all of them in one place.

The support you need, at no extra cost 

Connect with your care team on Wellframe today, for free. The Wellframe app is available to eligible patients at no extra charge.

How do I get access to Wellframe?

Your free access to Wellframe is granted through a sponsoring organization such as your doctor, hospital, health insurance company, or other care team. Simply use the access code you received from your sponsoring organization to start using Wellframe at no charge.

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